Notable equipment in 24 JUN Islamic State Raqqa Parade

Not too much new here; but the U.S. Marine Corps Mk23 logistics vehicles are kinda’ interesting.

3x Oshkosh Mk23/25 MTVR (Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement; designated in U.S. Marine Corps service) with a 7-ton off-road  towing capability; extremely capable logistical vehicle. Towing U.S. 7-ton M198 155mm arty pieces (range 18km).


2x heavy civilian trucks are towing either 2x Russian M-46 or Chinese-copy Type 59-1 130mm arty systems, with ranges out to 25-27km.



The towed artillery and Mk23 vehicles all came from Iraq.


1x Russian 2S1 Gvosdika 122mm self-propelled howitzer follows (range out to 12-15km).


1x Soviet BMP-1 (length of barrel gives it away);


After that, we have 1x Russian T-62 main battle tank,


1x Soviet T-55 MBT on a Syrian Arab Army flatbed transporter;


followed by an unarmored IA HMMWV and 12, count em, 12 pickups mounted with Soviet ZU-23-2 23mm double-barreled AA guns, an insane amount of firepower for such a light force.


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