ISIS Mosul parade summary

Brief tally of materiel contained w/in ISIS victory parade in Mosul on Friday.

The 130 men participating in the parade did not look like ISIS regulars, judging by their equipment and uniforms. They could either be new recruits or freed prison inmates–hard to tell which. 

The parade consisted of 35, vehicles, of which 17 were appropriated from the Iraqi Army or associated Federal Police/SWAT forces.  pic 1

ISF Swat/FP 4×4

Most of these vehicles were 4x4s, though several medium cargo trucks, an IA fuel tanker, and civilian cars (often used for drive-bys) were seen as well. Only four heavy machine guns were seen in the parade, and only 3 of ISIS’s patented desert camouflage Toyota 4x4s with mounted 12.7mm guns made an appearance, indicating that the bulk of ISIS Ninewa-based forces did not participate.

pic 2


Bottom-right: typical ISIS Toyota 4×4 w/ 14.5mm KPVT.

For reference, hree’s what a KPVT sounds like:

It’s a formidable weapon against Humvee and lower-tier MRAPs and APCs.



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